Farm Fresh Cows Milk Soap~ Unscented
Farm Fresh Cows Milk Soap~ Unscented

Farm Fresh Cows Milk Soap~ Unscented

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Our Farm Fresh Cows Milk Soap is made using only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, making it an intensely moisturizing and skin-friendly option. With farm-fresh cows' milk as a main ingredient, this soap deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin, so you can enjoy soft, nourished skin every day.

We DO NOT use any dyes in our soaps!

Choose to have your unscented soap with or without added clays that have extra benefits, choose from the following:

~ No Clay

Cambrian Blue Clay: 

  • The healing properties of Cambrian blue clay provides Nourishment to Skin, Improves Skin's Elasticity and Reduces Wrinkles.
  • Cambrian Blue Clay contains minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc which help to regenerate the skin and has Anti-Aging Properties.

Brazilian Purple Clay:

  • Brazilian Clay is close the skin's natural pH. Hence, it is suitable to people with sensitive skin.
  • Low water absorption of Brazilian Clay makes it more suitable to people with dry skin because this clay doesn't pull out oils like other clays. Brazilian Clay is mild.
  • Mild Anti-aging Clay

French Green Clay:

  • French green clay is highly recommended for oily skin as it will remove excessive oil and toxins from the pores of the skin.
  • It is highly absorbent and has potent properties of absorbing toxins to detoxify the skin.

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